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Friday, May 06, 2011

Fun Pictures

Well, I have managed to get behind again....Everything is going well, except that Mollie still doesn't want to sleep at night, which makes for a very tired Mommy!  She has started to crawl (will go 4-5 steps at a time) and is starting to pull up in her crib.  She is starting to eat some baby food finally, so we are excited about that!  She is such a happy girl!  Mia is a good big sister, and is very good about helping.  We never had to worry about Mia putting anything in her mouth or really getting into anything, but Mollie is a different story!  She has already eaten a bug (but threw it up thankfully) and tried to eat a leaf, and is constantly grabbing something.

Mia has what we hope is a healthy obsession with her baby dolls.  She takes her couple of favorites everywhere she goes.  She dresses them, etc. and is always wanting to buy things for them.  She even straps them into their car seat or seat in the car before we leave!

Here are a few fun pictures that we have taken recently.

Mia playing salon with her doll.

DSC 0075

This is only some of her baby dolls....she ran out of beach towels to wrap them up.  From top to bottom is Castle, Songs, Chloe, Castle 2, Abby, Simes, and Kiki.  Yes, she named them all.  Her favorites are the two Castles as she calls them and Gabriel (who is a girl and is not pictured).

DSC 0081

We got to go to my best friend's daughter's 7th birthday party.  It was at a horse stable and Mia had a great time.  She had never ridden a horse and was a little apprehensive at first, but really enjoyed it!

DSC 0131

Mollie at the party.  Daddy couldn't go, so Memaw and Paw Paw went with us to help me out, and I'm so glad they did!  It was nice to have some extra hands.

DSC 0149

The fake horse was just as much fun as the real ones!

DSC 0162
With the birthday girl, Riley.
DSC 0185
Mollie working on crawling.
DSC 0197
Mollie's first wagon ride.  She really liked it!
DSC 0300
Sisters having fun.
DSC 0310

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