The Sellman Family

Thursday, January 29, 2009

The Look

This is what Mia does if you ask her to give you "the look." She thinks it's so funny when she does it!

Monday, January 26, 2009


I took Mia to a free Gymboree class today and she loved it! She had a lot of fun playing on all the different stations. It works well because they let the kids play for a while, and then they come together every few minutes for a group activity. Then they let them have free play again. Mia was more into the free play since she was exploring all the toys, but she did participate in group activities more than I thought. I went ahead and signed her up for a 4 week class and with your membership fee, they have free play hours where you can take them just to play. That works really well for the winter since it's too cold to go to a park, so hopefully we can take advantage of some of those. After we left, Mia said, "I want to go back!"

On a side note, we found out today that Mia got into our church preschool for Wednesdays and Fridays starting in September. We signed up for Tuesdays and Thursdays as our first choice, so they put her on a waiting list for those days. Either way, it should work out well and we're glad we know where she's going and it's at our church. We just can't believe it's almost time for our little girl to start preschool!

And I'll leave you with something funny Mia said this morning.....I was making her breakfast and she was getting impatient, so I told her, "Hold your horses," and she said, "I don't have any horses!"

I think this was Mia's favorite activity. It's a little teeter totter boat thing.

A rocking horse kind of thing.

A bubble group activity.

Trying to catch a bubble.

Getting a kiss from a little boy in class....he just turned 2 and is way taller than Mia! She didn't seem to mind getting kissed!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Snow Day 3

The snow is melting rapidly, so Mia and I went out this morning to take advantage of what was left. She was excited that her "big swing" didn't have snow on it, so she got to swing for a little while. She didn't really play in the snow, but she didn't want to come in either because she just loves being outside. I thought these pictures were cute, so I wanted to post.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Snow Day 2

We enjoyed the snow again today! We're not used to it lasting more than a day so it's been nice. Mia has been wanting to build a snow man, but the snow was too dry yesterday. I took her out this morning and we were able to build a snow man since the snow is starting to melt. Once again, she just wanted to stand around and watch, but she was very into the snow man. When it was time to go in, she kissed him about 10 times and then told me, "I love my snow man." It was so cute!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Snow Day 1

We finally got some snow! I think it snowed around 4-5 inches, which is a lot for us! Mia was very excited when she came downstairs, and just kept running around saying, "It's snowing outside!" She kept looking out the windows to see it. Unfortunately, Daddy had to go into work, so I took her out earlier in the day while it was still snowing. She enjoyed it, but just wanted to walk around or be carried because it was too hard for her to walk. She didn't really get in it and play very much. She still didn't want to come in when it was time though! Luckily, Daddy got home in time to go and out play before it got dark!

Looking out of our front door.

The back yard.

A cute picture of Mia with the sun setting in the background.

Eating snow cream for the first time! Of course she had to have sprinkles on it.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Play Doh

Mia loves to play with play doh and will sit and play for long periods of time. She's also VERY into pretend play right now.....she pretends all day long! She pretends to change her babies' diapers, she takes them to the grocery store and playground, cooks, cleans, works (sits at her vanity table and "sends emailses" and anything else she can think of. It's so funny. In these pictures, she's "mixing her play doh balls."

We've had a big development in our house in the last week.....Mia is finally going to sleep on her own! Now all we have to do is put her in her room, pray, kiss her and her animals good night, and then tell her we have to go do something, and leave the room! Last night, she even slept 11 hours straight! It's taken 2 years to get to this point, but hopefully we're there now!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Fire Truck

It's funny I wrote that about her sleeping yesterday, because last night she actually slept all night!

So this morning we were out, and we saw a fire truck. We started talking about how it was probably going back to the fire station and it might have had to put out a fire, and Mia said, "it had to blow out candles!" Too funny!

I forgot to update on her potty training.....she's still using the potty a few times a day, but definitely not every time. As soon as she goes, she says, "Get M's?" We usually give her 2 m&m's when she goes potty, and now she'll say, "5 m's" trying to get more......

P.S. This post made one of the new ones move to the next page, so check for the pics from September.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Mia Update

Ok, so now that I'm finally back on Mia's blog, I'll give you a little update on what's she's been doing lately.....TALKING! I think that child talks constantly. She talks in sentences and some of the stuff she comes up with is so funny. I've been trying to write down some of the funny things she says so I don't forget. Here are a few: "Don't eat people Mommy, eat waffles" when I was playing with her acting like I was eating her and "I not praying, I looking at the trees" when we were getting ready to eat. Her southern accent is starting to come out, and it's driving Chris crazy. I think the word "milk" is about 3 syllables when she says it!
Our biggest challenge right now, which has been the greatest challenge since she was born is sleeping. She just never wants to do it! It's a battle getting her to bed and she usually wakes up about once during the night. She has been a Mommy's girl since birth, but is starting to turn into more of a Daddy's girl. She goes to bed much better for him which has been a nice break for me, but is very frustrating when he's not here.
Sorry it took me so long to get back on the blog, but keep checking back for pictures from 2009!