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Monday, March 28, 2011


What is up with this weather?  Just a week ago, we were enjoying 80 degrees and today we had sleet!  The joys of living in North Carolina!


Daddy has been very busy with work and church lately.  Thankfully, busy season is coming to a close, so we will be glad to have him back on Saturdays.  Mommy has been her usual busy with the kids.  I am also in a bible study at church on Wednesdays that is called "The Ministry of Motherhood" by Sally Clarkson.  It has been really good for me and I highly recommend it.  Sometimes as a mom, we get caught up in all the mundane tasks we have to do around the house....this bible study has taught me that motherhood is not just any's a calling from God.   And when I start looking at it as that, it is very exciting, frightening, challenging, etc.  It makes me stop what I am doing sometimes and just play with my girls or just have a chat with Mia.  It's a little overwhelming to think that what I am doing is going to influence my daughters' lives for eternity.  I need to be intentional about everything, and point them to Christ all the time so that they will have every opportunity to come to know him personally one day.


Mia is growing like a weed...just a couple months ago she wore a dress that was down past her knees, and I put the same dress on her yesterday, and it's above her knees now!  She is also trying to learn to ride her bike without training wheels!  Her cousins, Mackenzie and Zach have both learned how, so now she wants to do it.  Apparently, per the people at the bike store, the best way to teach them to ride is by taking off the training wheels and pedals.  They start by walking to learn balance and then start coasting.  Then you can put the pedals back on when they master that.  Mackenzie and Zach are both riding their bikes like champs now, so it works!  And Zach is only 3 years old!  Mia is doing really well with that, and is getting more confident and lifting her feet to coast some.


The last month has been big for Mollie too.  She has cut two teeth, started talking (saying da da, ya ya, ba ba), playing peek a boo, scooting backwards on her belly to get places, is rocking on her hands and knees, is clapping, and has started eating just a little baby food!  Maybe that's another reason why she hasn't slept worth a hoot!


We have also been busy celebrating birthdays.  We celebrated Paw Paw's (60th), Mackenzie's, Grandpa's, and Mia has been to a lot of parties for her friends from school and church.  We also had a nice visit from Great-Grandpa from Florida.  Daddy has deemed 2011 as the year of organization in our house, so the playroom got a makeover.  We had it painted purple, and got built in shelves and organized all the toys.  That was a big job!


Here are some pictures:

DSC 0617

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DSC 0698


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