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Friday, February 25, 2011

Rough Week

What have we been doing the last week?

Grandpa had to have shoulder surgery last Thursday, and he has had a very difficult/painful recovery.  We went Friday to visit and take them some food.  Saturday, Daddy worked and then Memaw and Paw Paw came to visit.  They watched the girls for us so we could go out to dinner for a friend's birthday.  Sunday we had church and then went to lunch and ran some errands.  Sunday night Memaw and Paw Paw watched the girls again while Mommy and Daddy went to dinner.  It's been forever since just the two of us went out!  It was nice.  Monday Memaw and I went to a consignment sale while Paw Paw stayed home with the girls.  Memaw, Mia, and I went back in the afternoon while Mollie was napping.  We were able to get the girls a lot of nice clothes for cheap!  While we were there, Daddy called to say that his grandma (Grandpa's mother) in Florida had just passed away. She had been sick for quite some time, but would keep getting a little better and pull through.  Her body just finally gave out.  Monday evening, my best friend and her mom came to town for a concert and came by here for a short visit and brought us Sir Pizza.  Yum!  It was so good to see them.

Daddy, Uncle Greg, Grandma, and Grandpa left yesterday for Florida for the memorial service.  I know the ride was tough for Grandpa after just having surgery.  But they made it there and will be back Sunday.

Mollie has been doing some serious teething, and we are still waiting for her first tooth to break through.  Her gums are very swollen and you can feel it, but it just won't break through!  She hasn't been sleeping well for a long time now (and Mommy is exhausted), but Wednesday night was really stuffy and only slept on me because she couldn't breathe.  Then yesterday she woke up with watery eyes, stuffy nose, a low grade fever, and just didn't feel well.  Around 7pm, she acted like a different child!  She still didn't sleep well, but seems better today.  So I don't know if it's a cold or from teething.

Mommy's uncle's mother also passed away this week, so the girls will be heading to Asheboro for the visitation and funeral this weekend.

So it has been a rough week.  This is all added to the normal stuff (preschool, church, Daddy's busy season at work, etc).  And we had an electrician working here Tuesday and had painters here yesterday painting the playroom and half bathroom.  Busy week!

Please pray for the Sellman Family and King Family as they have lost loved ones.

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