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Friday, February 04, 2011

We're Back in Business! October Pics

Ok, I have always complained because it takes FOREVER to upload pictures to the blog.  Hence the reason it doesn't get updated very often.  So Chris has found a handy software that allows us to post to the blog MUCH faster!  Now I have no look for updates from now on!  We'll start with pictures from back in October.  We went to the State Fair, Mia had her Harvest Party at preschool, it was Mia's 4th birthday, and Halloween.

Mia LOVES rides!

DSC 0589

DSC 0659

DSC 0650

DSC 0670

Going on a hayride at the Harvest Party.  Daddy got to come for that so Mia was excited.

DSC 0727

Mia with her best friend Kayla.

DSC 0750

DSC 0901

Carving pumpkins.  Miss Priss wouldn't get dirty.

DSC 0903

Mia wanted to have a Snow White birthday party this year.  We kept it small and had just a small family party, but she had fun.

DSC 0001

DSC 0014

DSC 0189

DSC 0221

After the birthday party, most of us went to the corn maze at had a blast.  It was cold, but fun!

DSC 0404

DSC 0407

Our little pumpkins for Halloween.

DSC 0462



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