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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Zoo Trip

We made a trip to the zoo and met up with our friend Reese and her girls, Addison and Sydney.  They moved to Charlotte last year, so it was nice to see them.  The girls had a ball together and enjoyed running around.  I think they had more fun playing with each other than they did seeing the animals!  Mollie and Sydney did great too!  This reminds me, for all our Asheboro friends, I want to tell you that we are getting a Sir Pizza right down the road from us!  Woo hoo!  Now we can have it anytime we want, and not just when we go to Asheboro for visits.  I know you're jealous!

DSC 0089

DSC 0092

DSC 0103

DSC 0110

DSC 0115

I think think this was their favorite part!

DSC 0123

The white alligator.  Yes, this is real!

DSC 0125

DSC 0133









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Jamie said...

Yes, I'm jealous.