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Friday, October 07, 2011


Last Thursday, Aunt Jen and I loaded up the three kids and headed to Asheboro.  We met Memaw and Paw Paw at Sir Pizza for dinner.  Friday morning, we went to get our hair cut by one of Aunt Jen's friends, and Paw Paw went with us to help with the kids. They all did really well!  Aunt Jen went first in case Carter got fussy.  Next up was Mia, then Mollie, then me.  Mia did great and Mollie did too!  I couldn't believe it!  I thought for sure Mollie would be a wiggle worm, but she sat right up in the booster with her graham cracker and acted like a big girl.  I think it helped that she saw Aunt Jen and Mia get theirs cut first.  Friday afternoon, we visited Grandma at work and then went to Big Paw Paw's.  On our way to visit Grandma, I got pulled and got a ticket for having an expired registration.  Lovely....Friday evening, we met my best friend and her girls at the Fall Festival parade.  The girls had fun, even though they didn't watch any of the parade.  They spent their time playing and doing gymnastics in the grass.  After that, we went and got yogurt, so it was a busy day!

Saturday Mia and I went to the Fall Festival while Mollie was napping, but only bought a couple bows and some donuts.  We met up with Wendy and her girls again and also with my cousin Ellen and her kids.  The kids spent some time in the bounce houses and enjoyed playing together.  Mia even fell asleep after we got back because she was worn out!  That put us getting back very late on Saturday, but all in all it was a successful trip!  Daddy went to the NCSU game with the guys while we were gone and probably enjoyed getting some rest.    Here are some pictures from the haircuts:

DSC 0973


DSC 0976

DSC 0978

Giving Sam some hair that she caught.

DSC 0982

DSC 0989

DSC 0985

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