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Wednesday, September 28, 2011


Now I am caught up with the blog!!  Sorry there are so many posts all at one time!  So what is going on now?  Mollie is walking all over the place!  She still enjoys giving hugs, blowing kisses, waving, and getting into everything.  Mia is still enjoying school and gymnastics, and that is keeping us busy.  Daddy is still playing church softball, and they have won 3 games now!  The girls and I are heading to Asheboro for the weekend with Aunt Jen and Carter to get all of our hair cut.  So hopefully next week there will be pictures of Mollie's first haircut!


Here are a few random pictures:

Mollie and her boyfriend, Hokie fan Ezra.

DSC 1516

DSC 1518

With Carter.DSC 1523

DSC 1525

DSC 1529

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