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Friday, April 17, 2009

Play Date

We have a play group that we try to meet with every other Friday. Sometimes we rotate houses, sometimes we meet at the park and have a picnic, and sometimes we meet other places. Recently, we met at a place called Child Space and the kids had a blast! There are basically different stations and the kids can just rotate around. Mia's favorite was the supermarket and theatre. It's pretty cool because when you come in, they stamp you and your child with a matching letter. As you leave, they check to make sure that you match. That's a nice safety feature!

Mia tried out the little boat. A little girl wanted to ride too, and Mia wasn't sure about that, but then obliged.

Mia was shopping in the supermarket.

Then she had to scan all the groceries.

The little theatre was so cute! Mia kept going behind the curtain and coming out with stuff to play with! She found some dolls and accessories.

Then she found some dress-up clothes and had to try them all on!

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