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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Beach Trip

We just got back from a great trip to Myrtle Beach! Daddy had to be there for a conference for work, so Mia and I went along for a little vacation. The conference was at the Marriott Grande Dunes Resort. When Daddy went to make reservations, they were all booked, so we stayed at the Marina Inn at Grande Dunes, which was on the marina just about 2 minutes from the other hotel. The cool thing is that they had a shuttle service or parking at the main resort so we could use either hotel. Mia loved our hotel because our deck overlooked the marina and waterway, and she loved watching all the boats come in and out.

We got there Thursday afternoon and got checked in and then went for dinner at an outdoor restaurant at the marina. Then Daddy went to a meeting and Mia and I hit the beach for a little while. After Daddy's meeting, we spent some time at the pool and then headed back to our hotel.

Friday Daddy had a meeting in the morning and then he played golf. I don't know how much fun it was since it was about 95 degrees and he teed off at 1pm! But I think it made it more fun that his team won second place and he won closest to the pin. Mia and I went to the pool at our hotel that morning and then went back to the room for lunch. Our deck overlooked hole number 9 of the golf course, so we were able to see Daddy play that hole and get some pictures. Friday night we took Mia to Broadway so she could ride the "wild cars," her favorite thing to do at the beach. It rained a little while we were there, but not enough that we had to leave.

Saturday, Daddy had meetings until noon and then we headed to the beach and then the pool. Mia loved the ocean! She even wanted Daddy to take her out to the deeper part. That night, we joined him for a dinner reception. We had a new first while we were there. Mia had to go potty, where she wants to go by herself now. I was in the stall next to her and she says (where everyone could hear): "I'm not wearing any underwear." I asked her why she wasn't wearing any underwear and she just said, "I forgot." As everyone else is snickering in the bathroom, I asked her if she was at least wearing her bloomers that went with her dress and she said yes, so I was happy about that. Guess we'll have to start checking her for underwear now!

Sunday we packed up and headed home. I had to be back to sing with our choir in a musical with Charles Billingsley. We got back around 3pm and I had to be there at 4:45 pm. I managed to stand the whole 1.5 hours of the musical. I thought I did pretty well for being 36.5 weeks pregnant. And we were glad that Mollie didn't come while we were at the beach!

Daddy hitting the ball.

The resort where the conference was held.

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