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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Mackenzie's New Ride

Ok, so I've decided to write this from my (Mommy) perspective instead of Mia's. So from now on it will be in third person instead of first. Mackenzie got a brand new Escalade the other week and she let Mia ride in it! She's always been really good at sharing with Mia and this was no different. She even let Mia drive! Mia loved it! She couldn't touch the gas pedal, so Mackenzie did it for her while she steered. That thing even has a real radio, and Mia danced when the music was playing. The only problem was that Mia liked it so much that she threw a temper tantrum when it was time to go home! We've got our hands full......

Mia trying to take over the wheel

Mia must drive like her daddy, because the look on Mackenzie's face is how I look when he's driving!

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